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8mm 10mm 12mm fluted tempered glass safety privacy decorative clear low iron toughened tecture reeded pattern build glass price

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Fluted glass is also known as Reeded glass/ribbed glass, as a type of patterned glass it is produced by pressing semi molten glass between metal rollers to create a distinct pattern. Reeded glass adds visual interest to the applications and improves the privacy by creating subtle shifting of light. With different center gaps, reeded glass diffuses varying level of lights, create subtle distortion for limited obscurity, and yet gives an interesting look for every style from traditional to modern.


  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Fluted Glass Advantages


    1. Tempered fluted glass is type of safety glass, and 4-5 times stronger than normal clear float glass to reduce the risk of thermal breakage. When broken occurs on tempered fluted glass, it will break into small cubic fragments that can reduce harmless.

    2. Tempered fluted glass has textured appearance with its fluted shape, each flute create an effective distortion opacity, this feature provides privacy and widely used in areas where privacy needs to be protected, such as shower room.

    3. The creative fluted shape design make the glass has a vintage and architectural feel, not only can protect privacy, but also play a decorative role. It looks perfect when paired with crisp, modern lines.



    Often we think of glass simply serving a function in the home, when actually it has the potential to be an integral part of
    interior design. Patterned glass allows you to add a beautiful, personal touch to an otherwise ordinary feature. Whether you opt
    for flowers, swirls or more abstract patterns, the sheer range of patterned glass options allows you to decorate your home to your
    tastes – right down to the glass elements.



    Used as an attractive feature which offers privacy to certain areas of the home, patterned glass is widely used to craft front
    doors, shower screens or bathroom windows. It’s important to note that patterned glass is not textbook privacy glass, and
    different types will possess different levels of privacy, obscurity and light admittance.

    Light transmittance

    With patterned glass, you enjoy the benefits of enhanced privacy without sacrificing light admittance. The glass is designed to
    offer a level of obscurity whilst still allowing plenty of natural light to diffuse into your home



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