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Advantages of Yantai toughened glass


The use of Anquan, its carrying capacity increased to improve the fragile quality, even if the tempered glass damage is not acute small fragments, the harm to the human body has been greatly reduced. The resistance of toughened glass is quick cold quick heat property has 3~5 times higher than ordinary glass, can bear the temperature difference change of above 250 degrees generally, useful to prevent hot blast crack. It is a kind of Anquan glass. For the protection of high-rise buildings to provide qualified materials for the protection of Anquan sex.

Disadvantages of toughened glass:

1.The tempered glass can no longer be cut and processed. It can only be processed in the required shape of the glass before the toughening, and then tempered.
2.Although the strength of tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass, tempered glass has the possibility of self-explosion (its own rupture), and ordinary glass does not exist the possibility of self-explosion.
3. The surface of toughened glass will have uneven phenomenon (wind spots), with a slight thickness of thinning. Thinning reason is because the glass in the hot melt after softening, after strong wind to make its rapid cooling, so that the crystal gap inside the glass becomes smaller, the pressure becomes larger, so the glass after the toughening than before the toughening to be thinner. In general, 4~6mm glass in the tempered after thinning 0.2~0.8mm, 8~20mm glass in the tempered thinner 0.9~1.8mm. The specific degree should be decided according to the equipment, which is also the reason why toughened glass can not do mirror.
4. After the tempering furnace (physical tempering), the plate glass used in construction will generally be deformed, and the degree of deformation is determined by the process of equipment and technical personnel. To some extent, it affects the decoration (except for special needs).

Post time: Jul-27-2021