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High quality simple diamond shower room screen

Short Description:

Product type: fan two solid two shif

Product material: 304 stainless steel

Product color: dumb black

Glass thickness: 8/10mm

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The dark and dumb appearance of the gods can reflect modern fashion;
Three-dimensional arc surface,round and elegant suspension design
The line sense is full of handle, and the exquisite hanging clip line into a perfect combination

Aesthetic appearance modeling design ,precise structure,the perfect combination of art and technology ,the elaborate creation of top designers.
Carefuly Polished,Concentrate on carving elegant contains vitality: luxury in the dynamic Fashion life with you ,I have not alone
The craftsman shapes every detail with his heart ,giving it different values,meanings and special qualities ,such as safety ,comfort ,enjoyment from inside to outside ,from close to far,to fuly interpret the secrets of the goddess to you

Easy clen shower room 8 big characteristics
1.going green and environmental protection
Easy clean shower room uses a new generation of organic silicon polymer compound solvent, need not make up, mix, need not heat, do not contain any fluorine element
2.Good durability
After the glass of easy clean shower room is processed by international level EC technology,the glass surface forms a special structure of high silicon net, and the glass easy clean function can be maintained for more than five years
3.Good temperature resistance
Easy clean shower room temperature resistance is high,tolerance temperature difference -60 degrees Celsius to 380 degrees Celsius
4.Good pressure resistance
Easy clean shower room is good pressure resistance, bear water pressure as high as 60BAR. And the water pressure that common flower asperses is in 5BAR less than
Easy clean shower room fights all wavelengths ultraviolet ray, slow down the equipment that defend bath to be irradiated by fluorescent lamp lamplight for a long time and aging speed
6.Resistance to yellowing
EC technology to prevent water, organic cleaning liquid and glass surface direct contact stains can not penetrate into the glass, effectively prevent the glass corrosion, aging, yellowing process
7.Anti-fouling antibacterial
Easy clean shower room surface optimization, avoid dirt stains adhesion and bacteria and mold breeding effectively extend the cleaning time and service life
8.Easy to clean
Room of easy clean shower has strong hydrophobicity, created the easy clean effect that surpasses bright thereby the contact Angle of water drop and glass surface reaches degree, do not touch water dirty after showering every time only clear water rinsing can

PVC plastic steel stone base, beautiful and durable, not easy to aging mold, long life, enter the compete
High sealing magnetic strip, strong suction, dry and wet separation more dry (equipped with high quality rubber strip, strong suction, outstanding sealing performance, water vapor isolation without leakage)

304 stainless steel wheel and axle, quiet and not disturb the bath at night (high quality 304 stainless steel wheel and axle, not easy to rust in wet environment, smooth and smooth rotation, no blockage)

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