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Tempered laminated glass price per square meter for curtain wall

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The use of insulating glass
Insulating glass is mainly used in buildings that need heating, air conditioning, noise or condensation protection, and need no direct sunlight and special light.  Widely used in homes, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shops and other occasions that need indoor air conditioning.  It can also be used for doors and Windows of trains, cars, ships, refrigerated cabinets, etc
Mainly used for outer glass decoration, its optical performance, thermal conductivity, sound insulation coefficient should meet national standards.  

High performance insulating glass
High performance insulating glass is different from ordinary insulating glass. In addition to sealing in the middle of the two layers of glass, a special metal film with good thermal performance should be coated on the middle air layer side of the outer glass.  It can cut off the considerable amount of energy coming into the room from the sun, providing greater insulation.

For example: coated glass or LOWE glass
Note: The hollow glass is sealed with dry air in the middle, so according to the change of temperature and pressure, the internal pressure also changes, but only a small deformation occurs on the glass surface.  In addition, minor warping may occur during manufacturing and distortion may also be formed during construction.  Therefore, including some factors, sometimes some corresponding changes in the reflection, should be paid attention to.  The reflection varies depending on the color chosen.  

High performance insulating glass performance
The reflectance of gold, copper and silver coatings is very high in the middle and far infrared region, that is, when the wavelength range is greater than 4um.  If the metal coating is of typical thickness, the total reflectance can reach 90%-95%, and high infrared reflectance corresponds to low emissiveness  

The product selection
National standard 3C certification, tempered glass material, to ensure solid and transparent to meet the requirements of home decoration product composition
Consists of two or more pieces of glass with scratch and corrosion resistance

Insulating properties
Keep the interval between the glass sealed dry can sound insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof

Product feature
The glass is sealed with structural glue around and tightly glued to the effect of non-deformation and extension of life

Good heat insulation
Sound insulation performance is good
Good sealing performance
Good stability
Good optical properties
It is not pervious to light

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